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Short Summary

play2survive is the brainchild of two passionate, driven, and charitable college students. Working throughout college with rigorous class schedules and other obligations of life in general, they came together and turned an idea into a reality:  Offering affordable, theme-based, live-action, outdoor events targeting participants of all ages that would enjoy a bit of physical activity while helping to raise funds for local communities, schools, or other organizations.

Over the past four years, they’ve successfully produced their 5th Survive Event.  However, the growing popularity of these events are now creating a surprising and welcome increase in demand for more offerings. 

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What We Need & What You Get

Unfortunately, to breed a successful support system it takes capital and this is where you come in. We have set our goal at $5000 to cover all of the costs associated in operating the event and all necessary expenditures to make it happen. This includes supplies, groundwork, staffing, travel, and more.

In addition to the event this fall, funds from will help launch next years nationwide campaign to bring Project: Contagion to as many cities as possible. 

For every dollar contributed to our campaign you will receive one ticket into the raffle drawing to determine where this event will be held. We will respond to all donations with a few cities near you, in order to maximize participation. 

Our Annual Halloween event for 2013 will be held on Saturday, November 2.  We will announce the location using social media outlets and emails to all our donors on July 1.  If you are able to attend, please be sure to get as many people out as possible, to ensure this will be the best Survive Event ever!

If we are unable to reach our current goal we will use the funds afforded to us to take Project: Contagion as far as possible. We will limit our available cities to those that necessitate lower travel costs, however, this event will happen!

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Other Ways You Can Help

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