Survival 101


When you play to survive you must complete a simple task. Get to the checkpoints and make it back to Headquarters...

… but there’s one catch. You must outrun and outwit the intelligent and agile zombies that wish to feast upon your flesh, and thus growing the numbers of the zombie horde! 

Rule #1 is Cardio. This is a Race, You're racing against the clock and you're running to save your life.  

Rule #2 Zombies are contagious, Stay away from them. If they tag you, then you become a zombie. 

Rule #3 you need a minimum of 5 checkpoints to survive, winner is the first person back with them all... same goes for teams (only 1 team member has to make it back) 

play2survive guidelines:


  1. Dress-code:  Come in attire appropriate for physical participation, but themed costumes are always encouraged!  Local make-up artists sometimes join us to help you out!
  2. We respect both humans and zombies alike, so with that in mind, all tagging and evading must be done in a respectful manner. 
  3. No artificial modes of transportation and all infections must be done by touching the uninfected with two hands at the same time.
  4. Glow-sticks (wristbands or sticks) of specific colors identify “uninfected” players. Every life (glow-stick) shares an ID with its player. Only that player will be able to use it to progress through the game. When a zombie infects an uninfected player, they must give that zombie their glow-stick.  Now, as an infected player, can start collecting lives.
  5. Checkpoints are set up across the field of play and each are delineated as safe-zones where no infections are allowed.  Headquarters is also considered a safe-zone.  Uninfected players will check-in with a Game Master who will record the player’s number to give them credit for that checkpoint.  But watch-out! There could be zombies hiding just outside the safe-zone!
  6. VIP Survivor Packs include 1 antidote to the virus which can be redeemed at the "Supply Depot" 

Collecting Points & Winning!


At registration, each player is assigned a number and must indicate if they are playing Survive Solo or on a Survive Squad (up to 5 players), and if their points go to a specific organization, if applicable. There are prizes for a Survive Solo player, Top Zombie, the winning Survive Squad AND a portion of the proceeds oftentimes benefits a partnering organization.  The event prize structure will be determine based on the school, organization or other local sponsoring group.


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