«TMD» started out as a bunch of friends who got together regularly to accomplish as much epicness as possible, whenever possible. We travelled around the Sacramento area and across California attending different events. Eventually we formed a as much of an identity as a bunch of college students can get while raging across California.

Why we are here is because we’ve partied, camped, and done all kinds of other random things things together and it has been an amazing experience. We are bringing that same close knit group mentality to everyone on a large scale, getting as many people out and about to do things that simply haven’t been done or, in our opinion, could use a little more epicness. 

So we're making our way into the public eye, keeping things fun and helping others along the way, by giving back to the community. We will be bringing as much of what <TMD> has to offer to as many people as possible! It's large scale play, in multiple environments, by people like you. Think MMO meets LARP.